What is eOS2?

eOS2 stands for extended Operating System generation 2 and is a 100% object oriented real time operating system written in C++ for a various number of platforms.

What is the focus of eOS2?

  1. execution of applications in the low end embedded area
  2. support of a various number of different platforms
  3. 8, 16 and 32 bit platform support
  4. Usage as standalone or as add-on operating system
  5. Real time support on millisecond basis


  1. The roots of eOS2 go back to 2006, creating a fully object oriented operating system by the possibilities of the C++ language
  2. Target for lowest end platforms (tested on Atmel atmega8, Raspberry Pi and x86)
  3. Usage on platforms with existing OS (eg. Windows, Linux, Arduino) or without (atmega8)
  4. Fully documented source code makes it easy to adapt eOS2 for a new target platform

eOS2 is easy to use

Usage of eOS2 can easily be used, focus is that available resources can be accessed in a way any developer would explain

It's easy to change to eOS2, the application does not need to be adapted. External setup code tells the OS to executes the requested functions according the programmer’s wish

eOS2 is powerful

eOS2 is a real time operating system, supporting both, interrupt scheduling and task by task scheduling

eOS2 is free

  1. As long as eOS2 is not used for commercial issues, you may download eOS2 completely free of any license fees
  2. Use it on as many targets you like
  3. Use it for any purpose - private, educational, government and public administration...
  4. Pass on copies free of charge to family, friends, students, etc.

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